Marketing Codes

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Note: I pointed out the other day that we enrolled our high college students with Kolbe Academy for this upcoming college year! I feel it will be a best fit for our household and they will be functioning towards the Magna Cum Laude Diploma In addition to all the rewards of enrolling , I genuinely enjoy the flexibility that Kolbe gives and that we can continue tailoring our curriculum to our family’s preferences and our children’s requirements. I am confident I’ll be blogging a lot more about this soon, once I finish this year’s curriculum plans.

An applicant for an extension has to apply by a particular date irrespective of no matter whether it has all the relevant supplies or not (i.e. two years ahead of SPC expiry). If no application is made by this date, no extension can be obtained. By contrast, an application for an SPC can only be created soon after the grant of the patent and the grant of the MA. Once those two events take place, the applicant has six months to make an application.

I think marketing can be a fine art, maybe not so much like an Apple ad, but perhaps as an alternate reality game. It is been accomplished before, (like with the ad campaign of NIN’s album Year Zero. It was awesome) and creates such a considerably far more successful interaction between the demographic and the producer of wares.

Advertising extends beyond the media described above. Other choices consist of imprinting your business name and graphic identity on pens, paper, clocks, calendars and other giveaway products for your buyers. Put your message on billboards, inside buses and subways, on car and creating indicators, on point-of-sale displays and on buying bags.

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