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A single of the delights of going to Dana’s garden a few weeks ago was admiring her roses. Enjoy a peek at these blushing pink beauties!

Emma does not enjoy cake, so her birthday parties have generally incorporated some sort of frosty treat. For her Party – held at a paint-your-personal-pottery studio when she turned 7 – we dressed up a preferred flavor with whipped cream, sprinkles, and paintbrushes.

Note: Our children loved The Wolf and the Shield which we bought and added to our collection last March ! I’m searching forward to providing them Search for the Hidden Garden ( also available from Amazon ) this October for the upcoming feast of St. Therese!

Stereotype happen everywhere in the planet, from Southeast Asia to USA and Europe. Not only advertisement that we see are sometime stereotype, but also in places where we worked. The ad that above are clearly stereotype ad especially when the ad categorize females as full time home wives and taking care of husbands and young children.

It really is social. Even though smartphones are utilized to surf the net, shop, play games, listen to music, capture photos and occasionally even make phone calls, the leading activity among young consumers is interacting with their social networks. In its study earlier this year, Pew located that 91% of users between the ages of 18 to 29 used their smartphones to interact with their pals. If word-of-mouth is the Holy Grail of marketing, then it’s simple to see why marketers worship this platform.

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