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4 ASO Tips You Should Try for Higher App Downloads

The mobile app industry is growing exponentially, with no sign of getting slowing down. This has created a huge opportunity for the mobile app developers and business leaders to launch their app and gain higher ROI. However, there is a darker side of the industry as well.

If you dig deeper into the mobile industry, you will find that there are a surplus of apps that are still waiting for their first download. The users are unaware of their existence, and thus, they are no lesser than a piece of trash.

Sounds alarming? Wondering what if your mobile app also add to this list? Eager to know how to make your app discoverable to your target users? While there are various ways, the most effective method is ASO marketing.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO, in a layman’s language, is the process of optimizing your mobile app page such that it ranks higher in the app store search results. This eventually means higher probability to get your app discovered.

The process of ASO marketing, according to the mobility experts, is so effective that about 65% of mobile apps get discoverable only by focusing on this factors. Sounds cool? Want to know how to do ASO marketing the right way?

Effective ASO Tips for Higher App Downloads
Here are some of the useful ASO tips every mobile app development agency should practice to drive higher traffic on their app and thus, enjoy app success.

  1. Focus on Keywords
    Keywords are the foundation for success in the App Store. If you do not add relatable keywords to your app page, the App Store algorithm won’t be able to notice your page and show in the search result. Thus, your mobile app will go unnoticeable.
    So, the very first thing is to focus on the keywords. Understand the basic of your app and create keywords. According to the top mobile app development agency, doing a competitive analysis so as to determine what kind of keywords are they using for a higher ranking is also beneficial. Based on the insights gained, build your keyword list and execute them. Add keywords to all the content type (title, description, etc.). Also, prevent adding keywords that are not related to your app services.
  2. Add Images and Videos
    The images and videos you upload to your app store page not only makes your mobile app page look attractive. But, also share meaningful information with it. These visual content helps the end users to better understand the features and functionalities of the mobile app, and thus make their mind regarding app download.
    When talking about images and video submission, you should always focus on the quality of image/video you are sharing. Also, you should ensure that the most effective image/video holds the very first position since the target audience hardly checks 3-4 images/videos while surfing on an app page.
  3. Localize your app

    From Clash of Clans to Evernote, various mobile applications have proved that investing in app localization improves the app discovery rate. This is because the majority of popularity across the globe are non-English users. In such a scenario, making your mobile app available in other spoken languages is an advantage.As per the reputed mobile app development agency, app localization can increase the conversion rates by 200%. So, invest your efforts into this technique.

  4. Encourage In-App Reviews and Ratings

    Last but not the least, prompting your audience to give ratings to your app, or sharing their feedback is also a healthy practice. Since the end users always check the reviews before downloading any application, the availability of higher ratings and reviews will be a plus point to your app. Apart from this, the App Store (and Play Store) also consider the reviews and ratings in their search results. So, look forward to this.
    But, do not compel your audience to add reviews and give ratings. Plan such that they share their feedback when they had completed any transaction/task on your application. Otherwise, they will leave a negative review, which will abruptly affect your app ranking.

Have you tried these ASO tips? Want to know more? Discuss with the best mobile app development agency.

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