How to deal with Bitcoin? What is to know about Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin are heard more and more often. It is a “virtual currency” that circulates well on the web. It has its assessment which then would be the “exchange rate” that went to the stars. If a year ago the virtual unit quoted around 800 dollars, last time it came to over 11 thousand, in days of extreme volatility, oscillating then up to 9 thousand. Sometimes it is essential to wash Bitcoin. The process is known by the term Bitcoin mixer or tumbler. In order to regenerate the value or completely being anonymous without the help of the third party service, you can hide the information about the transaction address.

If you are not a geek, a programmer or a computer scientist, it is difficult to get even closer to the technical understanding of Bitcoin. The first electronically created means of payment (data are extracted from the network, through so-called mining). With a certain approximation, Bitcoin can be defined as electrical impulses resulting from complicated algorithms and completely independent of states and banks that take the form of an anonymous numeric string. Like gold, Bitcoin are rare and thanks to the block-chain technology that records every transaction, it cannot be duplicated.


Today around 16 million Bitcoin have been extracted, worth a total of 176 billion dollars. The maximum number foreseen by the system is limited to 21 million and will be reached through an increasingly slower extraction process. Beyond the performance, Bitcoin fascinate for their story that has its roots in mythfor the philosophy of an economy without intermediaries and controlled only by the network and, finally, for the countless opportunities open to geeks by block-chain technology.

Where do you buy?

There are no official intermediaries. You need to raise the levels of attention and before proceeding, inform yourself about the sellers. You can buy from private or exchange, or websites that act as stockbrokers by buying and by users and selling Bitcoin. Once purchased, Bitcoin are transferred to an electronic wallet (wallet, applications or software that act as a current account) or, if they are important figures, to an off-line key that allows to keep away from the network and potential hackers.

Conclusion: What can you buy? You can buy art objects at auction, real estate in your city, custom-made clothes and toast to the Bitcoin enhancements, historic bar that has created a complete economy bit, paying employees and suppliers who want it with crypto currency, accepting payments in digital currency and even hosting an ATM at the local to get closer to the shy. Remember, the process is also known as “Bitcoin Laundering”.

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