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Candy Crush, Dragon City, Farmville 2, these games create excitement on social networks and make consumers literally addicts. So why not play with your content and turn it into a fun and interesting experience to make the most of it? Let’s see how easily add the “gamification” touch to your content marketing.


This Anglicism now well anchored in the world of webmarketing refers to the art of awakening the player and competitor spirit of consumers. In case you do not know, the game is deeply part of human nature! Thus, thanks to the game mechanics: points, levels, rankings, reward and losses, everything suddenly becomes more interactive and more captivating. Moreover, gamification is particularly used by HR and trainers, since it stimulates and promotes learning. Now let us have a look at the marketing gamification: the ultimate guid.

To drive more traffic to your website, encourage viewers to view your product videos or simply retain your customers, bet on the gamification of your content.

Similarly, when you have procedures, more or less complex concepts or too specific vocabulary to pass, the gamification allows the audience to better assimilate and therefore more easily adhere to your concept.

Less loss, more conversion

Integrate the game concept to fan the competitor side of your target

Where the reality ends up tired, the gamification offers another look and awakes the envy, the motivation, in short the commitment. This is exactly what you need to turn a simple visitor into a customer.

Exit brochures and austere notes, boring text boxes, classic publications!

Certainly, gamification requires a little work. However, just by modeling the presentation of your content and then introducing some game elements, you are already educating your audience. In addition, good news: you wake up the player sleeping in each user!

Where do I start to add gamification to a content marketing strategy?

First of all, this step requires that you think of yourself as an instructional designer.

What does it mean?

This means that gamification will only be effective if it is adapted to the functioning of the human mind and constructed in a structured way. In addition, you must understand and master the content to present in order to make it fun. In short, you have to be a psychologist, a teacher and a designer. Rest assured, there are professionals for this. However, you can also get started right now by following these few steps.

Determine the basic elements of the game

The marketing goals: Would you like to familiarize them with the names of your products? Encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter? Teach them how to use your services?

Attach at least one goal to your game

The scoring system: By awarding points for each advancement, you allow “players” to know where they stand in relation to the goal or to others (unless you are designing a solo game). Eventually, you will be able to display a table of rankings, which will sharpen their competitor spirit even more.

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