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Tips on Choosing a Perfect Domain

Just like choosing a company name, choosing a domain is tricky and involves a lot of thinking and consideration. The domain name is your website identity on the internet and therefore you must have a domain that not only represents your business but also one that is easy to get on the search engines and promote.

The tips below are aimed at making sure you choose a domain that is perfect for your website

Ensure your domain choice is easy to type

For you to succeed in online marketing, internet users should be able to find you easily. You, therefore, must ensure that the wording you use is simple and easy to write. Avoid words that may bring confusion like, ‘express/ Xpress’ or use of slang that may be obscure.

Keep it as short as possible

It’s not an exam, thus you must ensure that users would find you immediately they type something close to your domain. It is not easy for customers to land your page with long and complex domains. They would either misspell or even land on a competitor’s page before yours where they may end up buying at your expense. Keep it short and precise, in fact; let every internet user who misspells competitors’ domains land your page.

Use keywords wisely

Your main target is to sell products and services. Make sure you stuff your content with keywords that describe your offerings. For instance, if you sell fruits, you may want to use something like, “” or something close to that. This would improve your ranking on search engines hence increasing your traffic. Again, using relevant keywords makes more sense to your customers.

Target your area

If your business is situated at a certain location, it would be helpful for you to include the target area in the domain. This will even make it easier for customers near your location to find you and buy. In our case, the domain could look like “”. This would potentially woo more local customers to consider your offerings.

Make it memorable

There are many domains registered on the internet and therefore if you want to get more viewers, you must ensure that your domain is as catchy and memorable as possible. Once you have the name, you could even share with close friends to find out if it’s appealing and get feedback, which would help adjust appropriately.

Do a thorough research on your domain

Most likely, you are not the only company selling the same thing and probably there are thousands of companies with a similar name. It is therefore critical that you research and find out whether there could be a competitor using the same domain. Any violation on copywriting might get you to a legal mess and this can cost you a fortune. An expert’s domain appraisal would also help in identifying which domains would enhance your visibility and attract visitors.

Protect and build your brand

Purchasing various domain extensions protects your brand. Again, you should consider purchasing miss-spelled versions of your domain, this will prevent competitors from registering a domain close to yours and thus customers would be directed to your website only.

Choosing a domain for your website is very critical and that is why you need to pay keen attention and get a domain expert who would guide you in making the right choices.

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